Keeping Clients Calm When Things are Quiet... - Vindiola Group

In a hot real estate market like the Denver Metro area, it is important to educate your clients on what they should expect when it comes to buying or selling a home. In a predominantly seller’s market like this one, listings go quickly, and you often end up competing with multiple other buyers. Although the market is slowing a bit due to the winter season, this can still be the case; especially depending on what neighborhood your buyers are looking in! 

When you buyer’s offer doesn’t get accepted, or if their dream home goes under contract just mere hours before your showing… one likes to deliver bad news, but it’s important to be honest. You know what’s even more challenging than being honest when bad news arises? Keeping clients calm when you have NO NEWS at all. Although most Realtors are well educated and experienced with their craft, we don’t always have the answers to everything. With that in mind, some real estate agents end up avoiding their clients when they don’t have the answers they want; mainly to avoid confrontation from high-maintenance and/or domineering clients.

Here at The Vindiola Group, we are well trained in understanding the market and assessing wins and losses with our clients. We pride ourselves in high quality customer service, and and making sure our clients understand every bit of their real estate journey. Here are a few things that we do, and other agents should do as well instead of avoiding their clients:

  1. Stay in contact often – It’s important to keep your clients calm. The idea of commission is always sensitive; clients have a preconceived notion that you are making an arm and a leg off of each sale. Whether or not that is true, we always stay in contact with our clients, that way they know we are working hard on their behalf.
  2. Be Proactive instead of Reactive – We send our clients updates and contact them before they have the chance to contact us. The best times to reach out to a client are mid to early morning, or mid to early afternoon. Sure, clients will always have unpredictable questions, but when it comes to the information you have and things you know they’ll want to know about -be sure to contact them first!
  3. Give the client something to do; keep them busy! – Make sure to remind your clients about items that will be needed by their lender or for closing such as home repairs, financials, etc. A good example would be “Your mortgage lender is going to need your updated bank statements, so go ahead and get those together while we wait to hear back.”
  4. Easy messages – you don’t need to send a five page text or email every time you want to contact your client. Whether you don’t have the answer right away, or want to give them an update on their listing or buyer offer, keep it short and sweet! Chances are, if they receive a long-winded email, they will worry that something has gone wrong.

Great customer services is very important when picking a Denver Metro Realtor. Here at The Vindiola Group, we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and our market knowledge when it comes to Denver Metro real estate. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Denver Metro area, please don’t hesitate to call us at 303-668-9949.

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